Join Our Family

As our valued customer, you are invited to be Lemongrass Family member with single purchase of HKD$800 or by multiple purchases of HKD$1,500 in three months. Then you can enjoy the following exclusive offers:

• Welcome Gift

• Special Offers on VIP Day

• Latest updates of promotion

• Collect bonus points to redeem cash offer

• Discount in Birthday month


Terms and Conditions

  1. Lemongrass House Hong Kong VIP can get 5 points with net purchase of HKD$100.00. Each point is equal to HKD$1.00. Extra 20 points will be added with net purchase of multiple of HK$500.00. The point can be used in the next purchase of HKD$200 or more.

    HKD$100.00 = 5 points;
    HKD$200.00 = 10points;
    HKD$300.00 = 15points;
    HKD$400.00 = 20points;
    HKD$500.00 = 40points;
    HKD$600.00 = 45points;
    HKD$700.00 = 50 points;
    HKD$800.00 = 55points;
    HKD$900.00 = 60points;
    HKD$1,000.00 = 80points
  2. All the VIP points will be cancelled after December 31st.
  3. Please kindly show the VIP card to get the bonus points.
  4. VIP can be renewed automatically if you spend over HKD$800.00 at our store after the VIP card is qualified.
  5. The bonus points might not be combined with different VIP card.
  6. LGH reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of dispute, the decision of LGH shall be final.
  7. Lemongrass House HK VIP card is valid for Lemongrass House stores in Hong Kong only.